WOOP!atlon poligon Exatlon

What is WOOP!atlon?

The Trampoline Park has a new crazy attraction! In addition to the fun on the trampolines, in the foam pit, on the climbing wall and in the gladiator games, you can now enjoy the most fun polygon in Slovenia, WOOP!atlon.

WOOP!atlon is the first real ninja polygon in Slovenia, which extends over two floors! WOOP!atlon is a new attraction that brings lots of fun and a real competitive spirit. Overcoming obstacles, target shooting and a thrilling timed games of timed fun are waiting for you to try them? 💪

WOOP!atlon poligon Exatlon

What to expect at the polygon?

The polygon has two levels and consists of 10 elements.

📢 The first part of the polygon takes you over 8 obstacles. To get through the obstacles correctly, but faster than your competitor, concentration and speed are important. The obstacles are set up in such a way that even the younger and less skilled can easily overcome them.

🤾🏻 In the second part of the polygon located upstairs, the target shooting accuracy test will determine the winner.

🎯 After accurately shooting a target, all is left to slide down the slide and the game is over.

🏅Do you have everything you need to win?

Who will be the winner?

To make the competition fair and even more exciting, we’ve added an automatic timing system to the polygon.

Before entering the polygon, each competitor will identify themselves with their WOOP! wristband, on which we will record the time or points achieved on the polygon.

The results will be displayed on the winners’ screen, allowing everyone to keep track of their progress and top results.

The game will be most interesting if two competitors are fighting on the polygon at the same time. If you don’t have a pair, you can also try the polygon on your own, as your time will be recorded even if you play solo.

One, two, three. Let the game begin! 🏆

WOOP!atlon poligon Exatlon

What do I need to know?

Who is it for?

WOOP!atlon is for everyone who wants to have fun, test their skills, speed and accuracy. It is suitable for adults and children from 6 years of age upwards.


A seperate ticket for the polygon only is not available. WOOP!atlon is a new attraction located inside the Trampoline Park in Ljubljana and is already included in the price of the jumping ticket.

Visit to the polygon

Each person can compete more than once on the polygon, but capacity is limited. The polygon is available all the time during the Trampoline Park opening hours.

Have a go on the woop!atlonu

Are you fast and skilful enough to beat your competitors?

Come and compete with your friends or family at the first real ninja playground in Slovenia.

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