WOOP! Izzivi
in Murska Sobota

WOOP! Izzivi is a fun new team game that will challenge you to push your own limits.

Welcome to WOOP! Izzivi

WOOP! Izzivi is a brand new WOOP! attraction suitable for children, families, groups of friends or colleagues. It is a fun group game that will leave you excited and wanting to play again. It is a team competition where you collect points and compete against other teams, which is sure to bring out the competitive spirit in you.
Watch 👇 VIDEO👇 and see how you and your friends can have fun together with WOOP! Izzivi.

20 challenges in 3 categories

There are 20 different challenges in 3 different categories. Some challenges will test your athletic endurance, some your logical thinking, and others your agility. But only good team spirit and cooperation can lead your team to victory.
WOOP! Izzivi


1,2,3 Go! These are challenges where your strength and fitness will be vital! 💪
You’ll overcome various obstacles, compete on a running course, overcome lava, avoid knockout punches and solve other fun tasks.
Stay focused and persevere, it’s all up to you and your team!
WOOP! Izzivi


Rack your brains! 🧠
There are challenges ahead that are sure to make you think. You’ll need to figure out how to deactivate a bomb, solve unusual maths problems, correctly connect rainbow patterns, try out musical challenges and much more.
WOOP! Izzivi


Do you think your team is fast and skilful?
Compete in football target shooting, interactive twister and live tetris, push through a pool of balls to reach your goal and more.
Don’t give up, victory will surely be yours!

Get ready to play!

It’s a group game to be played with friends, family or colleagues, in teams of 2 to 6. The aim of the game is to complete a series of different tasks and score as many points as possible, at the highest difficulty level. Your task will be to prove yourself as an individual in your team and lead your team to victory. You will compete against time and the other team.

Build a team

Teams must have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6. The game is suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over. Children aged from 6 to 8 must be accompanied by an adult, while for children from 9 to 12,the accompaniment of an adult is recommended.

Game duration

60, 90 or 120 minutes of play are available. During this time, you can visit any challenge rooms and play as many times as you like. On average, you can play 6 challenges in 60 minutes.

Clothing and footwear

omfortable and lightweight sports clothing that allows for smooth movement is recommended for participation in the game. Wearing non-slip WOOP! socks is mandatory to ensure a safe game.


After returning from your fun-filled adventure, you can enjoy a few moments of relaxation in our oasis. 🍹
The bar is open to all visitors of the BTC City shopping centre, not only those who will enjoy in our WOOP! attractions.
Refreshments with drinks and snacks are available in our relaxed atmosphere.
WOOP! Murska Sobota
WOOP! Murska Sobota

WOOP! Shop

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Why not get them a gift voucher or a gift ticket that they can use for any WOOP! attraction in Slovenia. It’s a gift that every birthday boy or girl will love.

Want to beat the challenges?

Buy your ticket at the reception! We can’t wait to get into the fun world together.

Buy your ticket in the online shop and avoid the queue! We can’t wait to get into the fun world together.

Where can you find us?

WOOP! Izzvi are located in WOOP! Murska Sobota
We are located in the BTC in Murska Sobota, next to the Kratochwill restaurant and pizzeria, near McDonalds. You can find us on the 1st floor next to the Baby Center.
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