New karting track,
new experience

Karting track

Attractive karting track

New karting track,
new experience

A colourful go-kart track with a viewing platform provides the best ambience for all the fun. We promise you a truly authentic racing experience at WOOP! Karting Centre! The redesigned track 2.0 with an additional 170 metres of track brings new elements that will amaze even the most indifferent racers.

WOOP! Karting proga

Three racetracks under one roof

The track extension offers the possibility of modular element layouts and various race track layouts.

WOOP! Karting proga Monaco


The Monaco track with its deepen dive-in turn in the tunnel extends the existing track by 140 metres.

WOOP! Karting proga Daytona


The Daytona track, with an additional 130 metres of track, will delight you in the future with the banked curve, a 12-degree banking in turn.

This track layout is currently available. 

WOOP! Karting proga Silverstone



The Silverstone Supertrack will be the last layout of the track, bringing together all the new elements and extending the track by an additional 170 metres to an incredible 430 metres.


WOOP! Karting


The dive-in is a turn in the tunnel that was dug into the ground and it´s running under the upper straight part of the track. The low ceiling and attractive lighting will get your blood pumping.

WOOP! Karting Komotar Minuta


The Banked Curve will take you to the Nascar track. A sharp, 12 degree banked turn will amaze even the most indifferent drivers.

WOOP! Karting center

Special effects

To make your ride even more authentic and unforgettable, special lighting effects will accompany you on the track. WOOP! Karting Centre has been enhanced with lighting effects for a colourful racing experience.

WOOP! Karting električni gokarti

Sector time measurements

The track will now include two overtaking lanes. For an even better race experience, we have also introduced two sector timing systems, which will allow drivers to regularly monitor their times and facilitate their chances of progressing and winning.

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Skip the line

The course record will not be broken alone. The karting track is amazing, the karts are warmed up and the bar is stocked. Book your ride soon!

Where can you find us?

WOOP! Karting is located in BTC Ljubljana.
We are located in BTC in Ljubljana in Hall 18 opposite the Ljubljana Colosseum, next to Decathlon and WOOP! Arena.
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