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Our racing karts

There are 3 different race karts availalble, categorised into different classes. Junior is for children from 6 years upwards. Double seater is suitable for our youngest racers who are accompanied by a parent. The Racer is reserved for adults and older children, which we have upgraded with new steering wheel screens for monitoring time and track conditions. It is the highest accelerating and highest speed racing kart among our racing karts.

WOOP! ikona za moč

Each racing kart has a built-in turbo boost button that adds extra power to further improve lap times. Valid for 5 speed classes only.

WOOP! ikona za eko

Gokarts are environmentally friendly thanks to their electric propulsion, which reduces noise and eliminates the smell of exhaust fumes.

WOOP! ikona za čas

Top indoor go-karts with electric drive and top speeds up to 60 km/h.

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For the youngest kids who want to master WOOP! electric racing karts. Designed for children from 6 years upwards.

WOOP! Karting gokart dirkalniki Junior

Double seat

For the youngest aspiring racers, who will take to the track together with a parent. It is aimed at children aged 4 years and above.

WOOP! Karting gokart dirkalniki Double seat


For all the fastest and most daring racing enthusiasts. It is aimed at adults and older children from 8 years old.

WOOP! Karting gokart dirkalniki Racer

Speed scale

At the WOOP! karting arena, we guarantee carefree driving fun with an emphasis on maximum safety for the youngest as well as the fastest and most daring behind the wheel.

The 4-speed class scale allows you to safely acquire racing skills, and the smart, dynamic speed adjustment system will enable you to advance according to your age, experience and driving skills.

Division of speed scale

Speed classes make it easier to distinguish slower and more cautious drivers from faster and more agile drivers. When you reach the correct lap speed while driving, you are promoted to a higher speed class. This means that next time you will drive in the speed class you have qualified for. And don’t worry – go-karts have the power and speed to give you a truly adrenaline-packed experience. This means that children up to 11 years of age start in speed class 1 or the BEGINNER class, children up to 16 years of age start in speed class 2 or the DRIVER class and children over 16 years of age start in speed class 3 or the RACER class and can later progress to PROFI speed class.

For the fastest drivers who want to push the limits of what is possible to a whole new level, we have also unlocked a fifth speed class, LEGENDS which is available on TOP SPEED every day after 18:00.

Hitrostna lestivica na kartingu

If you manage to complete the lap in the specified time, you will automatically advance to a higher speed class. However, in the event of inappropriate or dangerous driving, we reserve the right to move you to a lower speed class.

View the speed scale

Speed class Who is it for? How are you progressing?
For younger drivers aged 6 to 11 years old, who want to learn the basics of karting and racin kart handling.
If you completed a lap in less than 1 minute and 14,1 seconds, you will be promoted to the DRIVER class.
For younger drivers aged 11 to 16, who ant to learn the basics of karting and race car handling.
If you completed a lap in less than 54,3 seconds, you will be promoted to the RACER class.
For drivers aged 16 and over who already have a good knowledge of racing karts and want to improve their racing skills.
If you completed a lap in less than 44,8 seconds, you will be promoted to the PROFI class.
Drivers who have completed a lap in less than 44,8 seconds, are experienced and fast behind the wheel and want to compete with their peers.
If you completed a lap in less than 38,5 seconds, you will be promoted to the PROFI class.
Drivers who complete their fastest lap in under 38,5 seconds and are completely in control at top speed.
Available only on TOP SPEED evenings every day after 18:00.

* The speed class you qualified for on the old course also applies to the new, longer track.

Record your drive!

We’ve taken the karting driving experience to a new level! Now you can record your go-kart ride in
WOOP! karting. 🤯

WOOP! gokart dirkalniki posnemi svojo vožnjo

For only €2.90, you can choose a special head-mounted camera, which you place on your helmet and it will record your entire drive and your fastest lap. After the ride, the footage will be sent to your e-mail address, which you can save or share with your friends, and it will stay in your possession forever. 🤩

The recording will help you analyse how you did on the track and help you improve your lap time.


Racing scoreboard and results tracking app

All WOOP! drivers´ results are updated in real-time in the RaceFacer app, which racers can download for free to their smartphones.

You can create your own racing profile, compare your results with other drivers.

WOOP! Karting RaceFacer

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WOOP! Karting is located in BTC Ljubljana.
We are located in BTC in Ljubljana in Hall 18 opposite the Ljubljana Colosseum, next to Decathlon and WOOP! Arena.
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