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Before your visit

Before visiting the Fun Park, here is some important information to help you prepare for the fun.

Unforgettable fun is guaranteed at the Fun Park, whatever the season or the weather forecast. To make your visit safe, fun and stress-free, here are some guidelines. They will help you have the best possible experience at the park.



Ikona za leta

Children under 3 cannot enter the park, but can have fun in the Mini WOOP!-.

Ikona leta

Children from 3 to 6 years old can only enter the Fun Park if accompanied by their parents or another adult.

Ikona za leta

Children from 6 to 8 years old are recommended to be accompanied by an adult, while children over 9 years old can enter the Fun Park on their own.

The use of the self-belay climbing system is only possible for children larger than 100 cm and heavier than 10 kg.

The maximum weight limit for visitors to the Fun Park is 125 kg.

Ikona obvezna oprema

Clothing and footwear

To visit and have fun at the Fun Park, you need comfortable clothes that allow you to move around smoothly. These should not be too loose, as they may get in the way of certain attractions inside the park.

You can only enter the park wearing non-slip WOOP! socks. You must also wear a WOOP! wristband, which allows you to:

  • park entrance,
  • locker lock and unlock in the cloakroom
  • and timing on the WOOP!atlon polygon.
Ikona obvezna oprema

Mandatory accessories

The mandatory additional equipment (helmet, suitable size of climbing suit and extra climbing harness) is available free of charge in the climbing section of the park at the skyscraper, crane and slide attractions.

You put on your equipment before the ride and return it to its place at the end of the party.

WOOP! Trikotnik element
WOOP! Karting


The ticket allows entry and use of all attractions within the park. You can choose between 60 min, 90 min and 120 min tickets.

WOOP! Darilo ikona

You can buy your ticket online to guarantee your visit on the date you want. Buying online is fast, secure and easy.

WOOP! Darilo ikona

Alternatively, you can visit us on site and purchase tickets at reception.

Each visitor must register and sign a declaration of responsibility before their first visit. If you are visiting WOOP! for the first time, please read the ‘before your first visit’ information here.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost


WOOP! posnemi svojo vožnjo

Before entering the Fun Park, it is obligatory to watch the safety video in the foyer of the changing room.

WOOP! ikona za moč

As soon as you enter the park, you’ll be directed to the warm-up, which is a must before the party starts.

WOOP! Fun walls

In the climbing section of the park, we will show you and teach you the correct use of the belay system before you start climbing.

WOOP! Trikotnik element

Why is a visit to a fun park good for children and adults?

Fun Park offers many other benefits in addition to fun. A visit to the park offers an active sporting experience that strengthens the body, stimulates the brain and improves general well-being. By combining physical exercise and fun experiences, the Fun Park has a positive effect on our body and mind.

WOOP! Trikotnik element

The most fun in one place! visit the fun park.

Buy your ticket in the online shop and avoid the crowds outside the park. Come, we can’t wait to see you!

WOOP! Trikotnik element

Where can you find us?

WOOP! Fun park is located in BTC Ljubljana.

We are located in the BTC in Ljubljana, opposite the Kia and Volvo Centre. You can’t miss it, as we have a big WOOP! sign on the building. We offer free parking for all our visitors, right next to the park.

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