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WOOP! Trikotnik element
WOOP! Trikotnik element

Walk through Fun Park

The new FUN PARK, suitable for all adults and children from 3 years old, offers the ultimate fun on 3500m² of space, where you can try out 21 fun attractions. Watch the video to see what you can experience. 🤩

Who can have fun in the Fun Park:

Ikona za leta

Only mini WOOP!.

Ikona leta

Must be accompanied by adult.

Ikona za leta

Accompanied by an adult is recommended.

Ikona za leta

Single entry.

Explore our attractions

WOOP! Trikotnik element
WOOP! Trikotnik element

More attractions, more fun and more experiences with one ticket! Visit FUN PARK.

21 attractions await you at Fun Park

Good to know!

Some attractions have additional rules. We recommend that you take a look at the icon legend for a better experience in the park. These are also written for each attraction.


Ikona dovoljene so salte
Salt is allowed.
Ikona za minimalno višino
The minimum height and weight for the attraction is 100 cm and 10 kg respectively.
Ikona obvezna oprema
Helmet, overalls or extra seat belt required.
Ikona za prijateljstvo
You need a friend or teammate to play.

Attractions for adrenaline junkies

WOOP! Nebotičnik v Fun parku


Climb the highest skyscraper, conquer your fear and jump.

Ikona obvezna oprema
Ikona za minimalno višino
Adrenalinski žerjav v Fun parku


At the top of the crane, you’ll find a hanging sack that only the bravest can cling to.

Ikona obvezna oprema
Ikona za minimalno višino
WOOP! tobogan v Fun parku

Parabolic slide

The craziest slide, which lifts you up to 7 metres before dropping down. Do you dare?

Ikona obvezna oprema
Ikona za minimalno višino
WOOP! Stolp & airbag v Fun parku

Tower & airbag

A 3-level tower from which you jump into a hovercraft and show your courage.

Interactive fun

Plezanje v fun parku

Interactive climbing walls

Fun climbing walls that add fun to your climbing with different challenges and games.

Ikona za minimalno višino
WOOP! Trampolin park

WOOP! Gaming

Spice up your jumping with interactive games where your stamina and speed will be key.

WOOP! Trikotnik element

Skills challenges

Gemificirane plezalne stene v WOOP!-u

Hanging climbing walls

Climbing walls that move and take you into the fun world of climbing.

Ikona za minimalno višino
Jama s penami v WOOP! trampolin parku

Climbing wall at the foam pit

Climb the fun wall and jump into the foam pit to finish.

Slackline v WOOP! fun parku

Slack line

Rope walking is fun and strengthens leg muscles, improves balance and coordination.

Trampolinski zid v trampolin parku

Trampoline wall

It’s an innovative way to have fun, where you overcome gravity and learn how to walk on a wall.

WOOP! fun walls

Thematic climbing walls

Do you want to climb a volcano, climb to the top of a beanstalk or conquer a spaceship? Fun climbing walls are waiting for you to try them out.

Ikona za minimalno višino
WOOP! Trikotnik element

Competition party

Plezanje v WOOP! fun parku

Speed wall

Are you the fastest climber? Compete on our competition wall, where there can only be one winner.

Ikona za prijateljstvo
Ikona za minimalno višino
WOOP!atlon v Fun parku


The first ninja polygon in Slovenia. Test your ninja skills and set the fastest time.

Ikona za prijateljstvo
WOOP! Trampolin park v Ljubljani

Gladiator games

Compete in a gladiatorial game and defeat your opponent in the battle arena.

Ikona za prijateljstvo
WOOP! Trikotnik element

Games with ball

Cageball v trampolin parku


Are you fast and skilful enough to beat your friend and hit your opponent’s target as many times as possible?

Ikona za prijateljstvo
Dunk area v trampolin parku

Dunk area

Shoot the basket like Luka Dončič or try your hand at shooting the basket in a battle against time.

WOOP! Športni dan za otroke

Interactive dogeball

A group game between two fires, where you aim at an opponent or interactive targets.

Ikona za prijateljstvo

Learning corner

Učenje salt na trampolinih

Foam pit trampolines

A place where you can improve your skills and tricks or simply enjoy flying in the foam.

Ikona dovoljene so salte
Trampolin park je postal Fun park

Trampoline area

Trampolining is fun but intense, so you use a lot of energy.

Ikona dovoljene so salte
WOOP! Trampolin park

Fast track

The longest trampoline in the park where you can test your gymnastic skills and learn new tricks.

Ikona dovoljene so salte
Učenje salt na trampolinih

Trampolines to learn tricks

A corner where you can become a real acrobat. Also suitable for beginners who would like to learn to somersault.

Ikona dovoljene so salte
WOOP! Trikotnik element

The most fun in one place! visit the fun park

Buy your ticket in the online shop and avoid the crowds outside the park. Come, we can’t wait to see you!

WOOP! Trikotnik element

Where can you find us?

WOOP! Fun park is located in BTC Ljubljana.

We are located in the BTC in Ljubljana, opposite the Kia and Volvo Centre. You can’t miss it, as we have a big WOOP! sign on the building. We offer free parking for all our visitors, right next to the park.

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