WOOP! Trikotnik element

the trampoline park has become WOOP! fun park

The Trampoline Park has become a FUN PARK and now combines 21 attractions in one place! And that’s not all, you can visit all these attractions with just one ticket.

WOOP! Trikotnik element

One fun park ticket = even more fun

The previously separate trampoline and climbing tickets have been merged into a single Fun Park ticket, allowing visitors to pass freely and visit all the attractions in the park. 🤩 

Tickets are available for 60, 90 or 120 minutes of fun on 21 different attractions.

To make sure you don’t run out of time to enjoy all 21 attractions, we recommend buying at least a 90-minute ticket. 😉

WOOP! Trikotnik element

What interests you?

Ikona spoznaj Fun park
Get to know Fun Park
What I need to know
WOOP! trampolin park varnost
WOOP! Trikotnik element
WOOP! Trikotnik element

Get to know Fun Park

The ultimate party on 3500m² and the largest park in Slovenia.

WHERE TO FIND IT: in the same location as WOOP! Trampoline Park in Ljubljana.

The Fun Park now offers all its visitors sports and fun activities on 21 attractions, accessible with a single ticket. 🤩 

Trampolines, climbing, slide, crane… Interested in what you can do and experience at the Fun Park? 👇

Trampolin park in plezalne stene so postale del Fun parka
WOOP! Trikotnik element

More than just fun

Learn how to do a flip and other tricks

Would you like to learn a flip, a free cartwheel, how to walk on the wall or some other trick? Visit our trampoline park during WOOP! TRIK TAJM.

Every Sunday, experienced licensed trainers are waiting to teach you new tricks on the trampolines in the Fun Park between 11:00 and 19:00 Find a trainer in a blue T-shirt, and tell him what you want to learn. He’s got plenty of tricks and basic gymnastic elements for you.

WOOP! Trikotnik element

More attractions, more fun and more experiences with just one ticket! Visit FUN PARK.

what I need to know

With the opening of the new Fun Park, there are even more reasons to have fun and feel good! 😊 To make your visit safe, fun and memorable, here is some important information to know before you visit the Fun Park.

Gemificirane plezalne stene v WOOP!-u
WOOP! Trikotnik element
WOOP! Trikotnik element
Varnost v trampolin parku


At WOOP!- we leave nothing to chance. 🤗

We ensure maximum safety for our visitors every time they jump, climb or descend. To make your experience fun and, above all, injury-free, you must follow the basic safety principles of the park. Please read our safety rules and recommendations before your visit.

Celebrate your
birthday at woop!

Birthday party that no one will want to miss out on! 🎂

We’ve put together the best packages for you and your friends on a variety of jumping and climbing programmes. Together with our animators, we will make your sports birthday unforgettable. 🤸

WOOP! Rojstni dan
WOOP! Rojstni dan
WOOP! Rojstni dan v trampolin parku
WOOP! Trampolin park bar ponudba


While the kids are having fun, parents can enjoy a coffee or a snack in the relaxed atmosphere of the WOOP! bar.

Come and take your time… we’ll take good care of you in the bar! 🍺

WOOP! Gift

No idea what to get for a birthday, anniversary or special event? And the birthday boy or girl likes to have fun and be active?

Give a gift ticket to a Fun Park or a voucher for a choice of any WOOP! attraction in Slovenia. It’s a gift that every birthday boy or girl will love. 🎁

WOOP! darilne vstopnice
WOOP! Trikotnik element

The most fun in one place! visit the fun park.

Buy your ticket in the online shop and avoid the crowds outside the park. Come, we can’t wait to see you!

WOOP! Trikotnik element

Pridi v svet trampolinov

Kupi vstopnico v spletni trgovini in se izogni gneči pred parkom. Pridi, mi te že komaj čakamo!

Where can you find us?

WOOP! Fun park is located in BTC Ljubljana.

We are located in the BTC in Ljubljana, opposite the Kia and Volvo Centre. You can’t miss it, as we have a big WOOP! sign on the building. We offer free parking for all our visitors, right next to the park.

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