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Instructions, rules and general conditions

1. Registration

All participants or their parents (if under 15 years of age) must register on the website before the party and then sign a declaration of responsibility at the unit.

If the invitees have visited WOOP! before, they have already done so and do not need to do it again. All new invitees can sign the declaration at the reception of the WOOP! unit. It is important that at least the parents of the child being celebrated sign the declaration of responsibility, other parents can arrange this if they are bringing their children to the unit for the party.

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2. Arriving at the party

We suggest that the birthday boy or girl arrives 15 minutes before the appointed time to meet his or her guests. An animator will then come to pick up the children. Parents are welcome to meet our excellent WOOP! bar and relax with a coffee or a drink.

3. Equipment and clothing

All necessary equipment, such as socks, bolwing shoes, balaclava, etc., will be provided by us.

It is important that all visitors are dressed in comfortable clothing that allows them to move around easily.

4. Order food and drinks

  • Please order additional food and drinks in writing by replying to the email you received when you confirmed your party booking.
  • Orders for the additional sweet programme must be placed at least 7 days before the celebration.
  • Orders from the additional savoury programme must be placed at least 5 days before the celebration.

5. Use your own food

  • Salty food from outside restaurants is not allowed, except in the case of medical conditions requiring special dietary food, which we cannot provide.
  • In the case of self-catering, a service charge will apply. This is 15 € for the sweet programme and 15 € for the savoury programme.
  • Salty snacks may only be brought into the party room. No food is allowed in the WOOP! bar!
  • If you bring your own cake and wish to store it in our refrigerators, please deliver the cake up to one hour before the party starts. In case of a larger cake, please check in advance, as space in our fridges is limited.

6. Food and drink cancellation

In case of cancellation of the birthday party less than 5 days before the date, the order from the sweet programme must be picked up and paid for at the WOOP! bar, as we cannot cancel dessert orders placed with an external supplier.

7. Allergies and specifics

If the celebrant or any of the other participants have any allergies, medical conditions or other special needs, please inform the animator before the party. This is the only way we can ensure that your children are in safe hands at all times.

8. Payment, changes and cancellations

  • Payment for the birthday party will be made in full on the day of the party, at the location where the party will be held.
  • Please let us know any changes to your reservation by email at least 24 hours before the date of the celebration. In this case, we will amend, postpone or cancel the reservation, subject to availability, at no cost.
  • Cancellations and major changes to your booking made less than 24 hours before the date of the party will be charged the cost of the staff (animator) booked for your party, which is 50 €.
  • The final number of children or changes in the number of children at the party must be notified to us at least 24 hours before the party. This number defines how many animators we need for the party. If an animator has been added due to a higher number of invitees, but fewer children than the number of invitees arrive at the party, the cost of the animator will still be charged at 50 € / party.
  • If the party is attended by an age-negative group (large age difference between the celebrant and the invitees), an additional entertainer is needed to ensure the party runs smoothly. The cost of an additional animator for pre-arranged programmes is € 50 / celebration. For the Combo Custom package, this is charged at € 25/hour.
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