Safety and benefits of jumping

At WOOP! safety always comes first. Let the jumping be safe and fun.

Jumping on trampolines is a lot of fun, but it’s also a sports activity and as with any sports activity, injuries can occur. At WOOP! safety always comes first.

Benefits of jumping

Trampolining is one of the most effective sports activities! Don’t believe it? Read more.  😉

🔭 According to NASA, “repetitive motion on a trampoline is the most effective form of exercise designed by man”. Trampolining is exercise that strengthens muscles and improves coordination.

Although trampolining provides an intense workout for muscles and bones, the trampoline absorbs 80% of the return force. 🤸 Unlike running or playing tennis, trampolining gives your a full-body workout while reducing the risk of injuries, especially to the ankles and knees.

Take care of your body and mind while having fun at the trampoline park. 🧘‍♀️ You will have 8 benefits.

WOOP! Trampolin park ideje za izlet

See 8 benefits for you

Safety at trampoline park

At WOOP! we leave nothing to chance. We ensure maximum safety for our visitors every time they jump with the safety strategy we have implemented in 3 areas. 👇

WOOP! trampolin park varnost
WOOP! trampolin park varnost
WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Safe infrastructure and the best equipment

Safety is our first and top priority.

The best equipment

🪛 The Maribor park boasts excellent equipment, as it was entirely built by the Slovenian company Akrobat, which is now one of the main European trampoline manufacturers thanks to its many years of experience in trampoline production.

Akrobat logo
Trampolin park v Mariboru

Regular checks for the maximum level of safety

We ensure that our equipment is in good condition by performing daily, weekly and monthly safety inspections. 👀 We make sure that materials and spare parts are always supplied by official and certified manufacturers, who also provide regular training for our team.

We daily check the condition of all trampolines and materials in the park.

The weekly inspection includes a more detailed inspection, where we look for any technical deviations on trampolines and attractions.

In some parts of the park, we also carry out additional monthly or annual inspections, which are performed by the equipment manufacturer.

Professional and educated staff

WOOP! animators, who are responsible for the animation and safety of our visitors, must be very highly qualified to do their job, be able to provide entertainment and animation, be technically proficient in the operation of each attraction, and be trained in injury prevention and emergency response. 🏅

There are two types of animators in the park:

👉 First, animators who only work in the main area of the park.

👉 And animators who are additionally qualified to provide training and other professional activities. They receive additional training from a licensed acrobatic coach, who is also the head coach of the acrobatic group.

Regular staff training

Our knowledge is continuously renewed through regular training courses, which also focus in detail on injury prevention and response. The trainings are conducted by Dejan Rogelj, President of the Association of First Responders, who has been a paramedic for many years and is responsible for the safety and health of the inhabitants of the Central Slovenia region.

Informed visitors are our heroes

Trampolines are fun and safe, but injuries can still occur. WOOP! trampoline park is constantly working to ensure the highest level of safety, but without the cooperation of you, our visitors, we cannot do our job successfully.  🤝

Heroes are not afraid of the rules

To make your experience fun, and above all injury-free, you need to follow the basic safety guidelines of the park. Follow the rules, be a hero! #woopjunak 🏆

You can anter the park only in our anti-slip WOOP! socks.

Before you start jumping, you must attend a guided warm-up.

In the park, be sure to listen to the animators and follow the rules for safe use of the attractions.

Before entering the park, you will need to watch a safety video that will inform you about the rules of jumping and the potential risks.

⬇️ Ljubljana safety video ⬇️

⬇️ Maribor safety video ⬇️

Basic regulations in the park

All activities in the park are allowed only at your own risk. Adjust your activities according to your capabilities and knowledge.

All activities in the park are allowed only at your own risk. Adjust your activities according to your capabilities and knowledge.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Follow Staff instructions.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

1 person for each trampoline only.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Use anit-slip WOOP! socks.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Max user weight is 125 kg.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

No double bouncing.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Landing on the stomach or head is prohibited.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

No sharp or hard objects (jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, hairpins, etc.)

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

No food or drinks.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Do not climb or hang on security nets.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

No alcohol or drugs.

WOOP! trampolin park varnost

Not appropriate for expectant mothers.

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