Safety in karting

We guarantee you carefree fun

We guarantee all visitors to the WOOP! karting arena an absolutely safe and fun rampage on the most insane and modern track in Europe.

We work exclusively with equipment suppliers that meet the highest and most stringent safety standards and hold the relevant, globally recognised certificates. 🙂

The entire karting track is controlled by the RaceFacer smart safety system, which monitors the action on the track, while also ensuring that the drivers are properly signalled and warned, and can even adjust the speed of the karts in the event of unforeseen situations or potential obstacles on the track.
On top of that, we have WOOP! driving instructors and track marshals on duty.
So you drive with us without a care in the world, with a smile on your face and absolutely positive energy!

Safety rules of the game

Visitors to the karting arena are expected to follow 5 basic safety rules:

1. Signing a liability waiver

All visitors to the WOOP! karting arena are required to read and sign a liability statement before entering the track. By signing the waiver, visitors confirm that they understand all potential risks and agree to the safety rules of the karting arena. For children under 15 years of age, a Liability Waver must be signed by the parents or legal guardians.

2. Use of racing safety equipment

All go-kart riders must wear a neckbrace, a balaclava and a helmet.

3. Watch a safety video

All go-kart drivers must watch the safety video before entering the track.

4. Compliance with WOOP! driving instructors rules

All go-kart drivers must follow the instructions of the WOOP! staff.

5. Monitoring signals and additional safety instructions while driving

All kart drivers must pay attention to what is happening on the track, including the signals and any other safety instructions that they may receive at any time while driving.

Racing safety equipment

While driving karts, it is mandatory to use a racing helmet, which you can rent for free at WOOP! Karting Arena. Helmet sizes vary, so it is vital to choose the right size according to the age of the driver and the size of the head. No worries, our friendly staff will help you choose the right one.  😎
All kart drivers are also required to use a hygienic balaclava. You can get a balaclava at an additional charge of € 2.5 at WOOP! Karting reception. The balaclava remains yours, and you can use it for future visits.
In addition to a helmet and a balaclava, the drivers are also required to wear a neckbrace, which can also be rented from the karting arena reception.

Behind the wheel of the state-of-the-art go-karts

Drivers sit behind the wheel of the state-of-the-art electric kart from the German manufacturer RiMO, which insists on the absolutely highest safety standards, comfort and genuine racing experience.
Karts are fitted with a four-point seat belt, offer full adjustment of the car´s speed according to the age and abilities of the driver, and precise flexibility of the steering wheel and pedal according to the size and comfort of the driver. Drivers can also rely on the double-tube surround protection around the kart, the unique braking system and the extraordinary level of responsiveness of the go-karts.
On top of all that, we use a special smart safety system, which ensures that the speeds of the go-karts are automatically reduced during the first warm-up lap and when entering the starting lane.

Ride on the most modern track in Europe

WOOP! Karting Arena ensures the highest level of safety for the drivers. We took care to reduce the force in the event of a collision on every inch of the track. Our smart electronic system, on the other hand, ensures that drivers are warned in time of any dangers on the track.
Visitors are expected to follow the instructions of safety staff and driving instructors, who, among other things, take care of additional professional signalling according to what is going on out on the track.
Visitors are expected to know and follow the racing flags and colours on the traffic lights along the track:
WOOP! Karting varnost zelena zastava
Green flag: Signals the start of a race. Good luck and safe journey!
WOOP! Karting varnost rdeča zastava
Red flag: Race stopped– stop all racing activities immediately! Continue driving slowly to the start/finish straight and stop.
WOOP! Karting varnost rumena zastava
Yellow Flag: Caution! Slow down and continue driving carefully. No overtaking is permitted.
WOOP! Karting varnost modra zastava
Blue flag: Faster drivers are trying to overtake you, keep your direction and reduce your speed immediately. Faster drivers will pass you on the start-finish straight along a specially marked, dedicated overtaking lane on the right side of the track.
WOOP! Karting varnost črna zastava
Black Flag: Disqualification from the race. The driver must head to the pit lane at the end of the current lap.
WOOP! Karting varnost zastava šahovnice
Chessboard flag: The end of the race. Slow down, complete the lap and return to the pit lane.
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