Safety at the trampoline park

We are doing our best to provide the highest level of safety

In WOOP! what goes up must come down safely.
We don’t leave anything to chance. We guarantee maximum safety at every jump.

Safety first

Trampolines are fun and safe, but injuries can still occur. WOOP! trampoline park constantly ensures the highest level of safety, both by having the right equipment and trained staff, and by making jumpers aware of the potential injuries that can occur by not following or breaking the rules.
To make your experience fun and, above all, injury-free, you should follow the park’s six basic safety principles:
  1. Signing a liability waiver to make yourself aware of all potential risks and the rules of jumping. Read the waiver here.
  2. Use special WOOP! socks with sticky sole for a better grip.
  3. Watch the security video. Check it out here.
  4. Mandatory warm-up before jumping.
  5. Observance of additional safety instructions before each attraction.
  6. Following the instructions of the animators.

Use special WOOP! socks with sticky sole for a better grip.

Under 3 years

They are not allowed to enter the jumping section of the park, but they can enter the MINI WOOP!- where the age limit is 1 – 3 years.

Children between 3 and 6 years

They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Children over 6 years

They can jump independently.

The professional part

Entry is permitted for persons over 9 years of age.

Attractions inside the trampoline park

The use of some attractions within the trampoline park is limited by the height of the jumper.

Safety notes

Read safety tips before and during your visit to the park 👇
  • Entrance to the jumping area of the Park is only possible if wearing non-slip socks with a suitable sole for better grip and a special wristband (RFID).
  • We recommend wearing lightweight sports clothing while jumping.
  • While jumping, you must follow all safety instructions given by the Park Manager and staff.
  • Remove all jewellery and sharp objects before entering the free jump area.
  • You must always act in accordance with the limitations of your body. This means you must not try to go beyond your physical capabilities – choose activities you know you can perform safely.
  • If you wish to stop jumping, bend your knees.
  • Always land with two feet and aim to stay in the middle of the trampoline.
  • Always be aware of other jumpers.
  • Two jumpers are never allowed to use the same trampoline simultaneously. If anyone steps onto your trampoline, stop jumping immediately.
  • Jumping on a trampoline, which is already in use, is forbidden.
  • Landing on your head or neck is forbidden.
  • Landing on your back, unless you are on a vertical trampoline wall, for which previous experience is required, is forbidden.
  • Jumping on your head (big bag, foam pit) is forbidden.
  • Head or neck shots are forbidden (during dodgeball).
  • All somersaults are forbidden, except on the designated jump areas under the supervision of a park animator.
  • Jumping from a trampoline onto the padding around the edge of the mat is forbidden.
  • Lying on trampolines or mats is forbidden.
  • Pushing or pulling other jumpers or running is not permitted.
  • Climbing or grabbing safety netting is not allowed.
  • Wearing wet clothing is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to have anything in your mouth (chewing gum, candy, etc.) while jumping.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the jumping area.It is forbidden to have anything in the mouth while jumping (chewing gum, candy, etc.)..
  • The use of a phone or VR goggles while jumping is prohibited.
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